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photography business ideas.gifSelling Microstock photography is a modern day venture that many photographers have tried in recent years. Both amateurs and professional photographers are making good money from this business. BUT like any other business, the requirement in Microstock photography is that you actually need the know how to "promote and sell" the Microstock photos.

If you are wondering what Microstock photography is, it is a collection of photos, which are used for different situations and purposes. There may or may not be licensing problems with the photos. It is dependant on the source and the terms and conditions. The photos can be on a variety of topics which are always in demand, or themes. The major buyers of Microstock photography are the advertising agencies, publishers, media firms, and other marketing people who require digital images.

There are many photographers who sell Microstock photos. They can be sold as hard copies or over the Internet as online pictures. There are two types of Microstock photos – micro or macro. The price ranges and quality of images are different in both these types of Microstock photos. The micro Microstock photos are becoming very popular due to the cheaper price and wide variety of choice. The macro is more professional and expensive at times.

If you are really interested in selling your Microstock photography, you must first concentrate on the topics that sell. These can be emotions, nature, people, pets, or anything. You have to analyze and concentrate on a particular domain. Once you are set with that start clicking your photos.

Next you need to know where to submit it. There are several online Microstock photo web sites like Fotolia and ShutterMicrostock. You can create an account in these web sites and upload your photos. Some web sites are royalty free while some are not. So you can choose the web site as per your requirement.

Ensure that you put in good quality pictures and not the low quality, blurred ones. People are looking out for quality images. So do not take any chances here. Once a good photo catches their eye, there is a probability that they view all of your photos. This is a good sign. So take care of the quality and creativity.

When you upload your photos, give them suitable titles and tags. This will ensure that your images appear in the search engine results. Tagging is an excellent marketing trick to sell more Microstock photos. Now, finally to promote your Microstock photography, create a web site or blog of your own. Put in some thumbnails of your photos and give links to the actually uploaded location. This will drive in a lot more traffic, and result in more sales.

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How to Expand Your Microstock Photography Business into a Digital Photography Enterprise

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