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How To Create Your Affiliate Link: If you're already a Clickbank member, you can use the following link in your promotions. Simply replace XXXXX with your clickbank ID.

Link Option 1: Clickbank Hoplink:

Link Option 2: Cloaked Affiliate Link:

Not a Clickbank member? Sign up to get your Clickbank ID here. If you have questions about Clickbank, view their affiliate FAQ's.

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Affiliate Training Manual (PDF): To help you with promoting Turn Your Photos into Cash and to hone your all-around affiliate marketing skills, we've put together the Turn Your Photos into Cash Affiliate Manual. This 13-step guide will get you well on the way to affiliate success and covers:

- Getting to know the product.
- Crafting your own affiliate promos for better response rates.
- A note about graphics and why you need more.
- How to write effective product reviews.
- Using articles to promote products.
...and a bunch more.

Formatting Your Emails for Email Marketing: Make sure your emails are readable in all email programs and that your links never break. (PDF)

30-Day Affiliate Blueprint: If you’re new to affiliate marketing and have trouble taking action or get stuck on what to do next, you’ll find this helpful. It includes product activities to take part in for the next 30 days. (PDF)

How & Why to Redirect Your Affiliate Links: Simplify your affiliate marketing by keeping control over your affiliate links through redirection. This quick training shows you how to easily redirect your links. (PDF)

Appealing to Your Target Market: Make More Sales as an Affiliate Marketer: As an affiliate marketer, your job is to warm up prospects and make connections with your audience, something that a retailer can't always do. Thats why it's important that you understand your target market. This short guide will show you how. (PDF)

Blog Monetization: If you have a blog you want to make more money from, affiliate marketing can be the perfect complement. This guide includes 8 ideas for seamlessly implementing affiliate links into your blog. (PDF)

NEW! Types of Affiliate Marketing Sites You Can Make: There are so many ways to promote affiliate products. This guide gives you ideas about the types of sites you can create to earn more affiliate commissions. (PDF)

NEW! Tips for Writing Your Own Solos: Email often provides the best results for affiliate marketing and when you create your own unique promos that speak directly to your audience, your conversions can go through the roof. This guide gives you tips to write your own solos. (PDF)

20 List Building Ideas: This is a quick-reference guide with 20 ideas to build your opt-in mailing list. As an affiliate marketer, your list is one of the biggest assets you can own. Grow your list with the tips in this guide. (PDF)

10 Tips for More Response from Your Email Marketing: It’s one thing to build a mailing list, but if they aren’t responsive, it’s tough to make things work. Use the 10 tips in this guide to get your readers to pay attention and take action. (PDF)


More Advanced Training Material...

Increase Your Sales by Offer Product Bonuses: Encourage more of your readers to buy our product through your link. This guide shows you how and why to offer affiliate bonuses with your sales. (PDF)

How to Sell More Affiliate Products with Your Article Writing: This quick guide shows you three step to choosing topics, writing your articles and promoting your affiliate links. (PDF)



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